o8| Provenance|8o



=:8L^{k#0|3)(oU+p05T:= (also “BLACKHOLE OUTPOST” or “8o”) is a splinter group created as a branch on the BLACKHOLE IND (8i) corporate Tree.  BLACKHOLE IND was founded in the early 21st Century to build universal bridges between Black origin and destiny.  In preparation for universal portal distribution, it became clear that not all variables had been calculated or considered.  To ensure a viable product, more experiments and data collection would be necessary prior to release.

Co-Founder and Chief PSYOPS Officer, SAINT, URAEUS., instituted a plan of action to gather additional measurements beyond the Event Horizon.  Km-nTr tp (Kem Netcher Tepi) was appointed Chief Creative Officer (CCO) and additional scientists would be contacted as necessary. The OUTPOST would be built in the farthest regions of the universal wilderness at the edge of a supermassive black hole.  Different forms of matter would be hurled into and through the multiple levels of the the black hole for testing.

Professionals of multiple disciplines would spend lifetimes experiencing the alternate realities produced by the debris and gases spewed from the Event Horizon itself.  Periodic conferences and think tanks would ultimately turn the OUTPOST into a sprawling metropolis overflowing with science and vices alike.  SAINT, URAEUS. and Km-nTr tp would eventually come to reside in the OUTPOST capitol and new headquarters, PARASOLSTICE.  Free Will, as 2nd Co-Founder, oversees the Portal Corp near Earth in conjunction with the original Board.

The early >:ZuluTangoXray:< archives have been preserved for historical reference.  Transmissions from the EVENT*HORIZON experiments have been entered into the annals of early Petropolis history.  The /-\|PARASOLSTICE|/-\ documentary will be posted in its many stages when available.